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Students Council


The institution has an active student council comprising of student leaders who are nominated through a democratic selection process. The Class Representatives (CR’s) who are selected for each section are considered as default members of the student council. The CR’s are asked to elect students to the different roles in the student council which include President, Vice- President, Secretary/Treasurer, Technical Secretaries, Cultural Secretaries, Sports Secretaries, Placement Secretaries, and Social Impact secretaries. Students are encouraged to nominate themselves to the different roles in the student council and an election is carried for all the positions. The leadership of the student council is usually comprised of 3rd year students.

The student council plays a vital role in departmental activities under the guidance of faculty members. Student council is in charge of organizing and facilitating various cultural and technical activities in the institution. The student council meets with all the members once a month to hear and address any student grievances. The student council under the guidance of the student welfare department organizes various events like technical, cultural and sports fest, all traditional festivals, college annual day, Independence and Republic day. The student welfare department is comprised of faculty who support the student council in the conduction of various activities.

Objectives of the student council:

  • Representing the views of the student body to the college management.
  • Promoting good communications within the campus.
  • Supporting the educational development programs in progress of students.
  • Assisting first year students in induction program.
  • Contribution to the enlargement of college policies.
  • Facilitate sports and cultural activities in college premises.