Our Features

  • Internships in Corporate

    We believe that a business degree should include genuine experience of today's business world. Internships are an essential part of acquiring the skills that a student needs to do a job. What a student learns in internships are skills that couldn’t be taught, or taught with the same level of individualized attention, in a classroom.

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  • Entrepreneurship

    The Entrepreneurship & Innovation track within Aristotle MBA program, is designed for MBA students who have a strong commitment to entrepreneurship, focus on launching and developing companies. The track curriculum heavily emphasizes team practice linked to real-world entrepreneurial projects and provides a thorough exposure to the many building blocks of an entrepreneurial career, while leaving freedom to explore MIT's rich course catalog.

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  • We are Featured In

    We are featured in the prestigious Classle which also serves as knowledge partner for us which makes our presence in the international scenario and helps the students in every aspect of their development.

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  • Our MOU's

    We had MOU with several foreign universities for the better development and better understanding of the students. We continuously exchange our knowledge with each other so as to improve our students.

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Our campus have a lot to offer for our students; feel free to take a visit of our campus.